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Can you build muscle with resistance bands?

Resistance bands are great for toning and building muscle while also protecting your joints. Most gym goers use resistance bands because of this very reason.

ou can definitely build muscle with resistance bands, but it won’t be the mass you get from heavy weights and machines. It will be a more toned and lean build.


Resistance bands are a great affordable tool that you can use to build muscle. They can be used in your home, at the gym, or when you travel. 

The best part of using a resistance band is that you can use your own bodyweight to add intensity and create tension in the muscle engaged. It helps you focus on a particular muscle and work on it.

Here are a exercises to get you through your next workout:


Primary muscles: Glutes, hips
Secondary muscles: Inner and outer thighs


1. Place a resistance band right above your knees and stand with your feet hip-width apart.

2. Squat down into an athletic stance and take a step to the left.

3. Keep taking small steps to the left and then repeat on the right side.

Quick tip: Stay low throughout the movement, keep your head, neck, and spine neutral and fully engage your glutes. Step your feet from hip-width apart to shoulder-width apart and breathe deeply, with a smooth and steady rhythm.


Primary muscles: Glutes
Secondary muscles: Hips, lower back, core, thighs, calves


1. Place a resistance band around both ankles, position your feet hip-width apart with your right foot a few inches behind the left.

2. Transfer your weight to the left leg and kick back with your right leg.

3. Return to the starting position, repeat for the duration of the set and then switch leg positions.

Quick tip: 
Keep your back straight, your toes pointed, engage your core and keep the movement fluid and continuous. Breathe out as you kick your legs back and squeeze those glutes!


Primary muscles: Outer thighs, glutes
Secondary muscles: Hips, thighs


1. Lie on your side with your knees slightly bent, one leg on top of the other and place a resistance band around both thighs.

2. Keep your feet together and lift your top knee.

3. Lower your knee back to the initial position, repeat, and then switch sides.


Primary muscles: Glutes, hips, outer thighs
Secondary muscles: Core, lower back, calves


1. Place a resistance band around both ankles, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and squat.

2. As you stand up, switch your weight to the left leg and raise your right leg out to the side.

3. Return to the squat position and then repeat with the left leg.




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